So we must admit the even we here at eBuam's are guilty of spreading fake news. But we do try our best to weed out the truth and if not, then own our mistakes when we do make them. 

You can read it here. 

Remember last week when that woman who looked like an Angelina Jolie zombie went viral? The story said she had 50+ surgeries to look like her idol, but instead ended up looking like a prune zombie instead. Well, turns out she's only had 3 major surgeries and actually doesn't look anything like the faked images of her. 

19-year-old Sahar Tabar admitted to using a video editor to make her look half dead and the Internet ate it up. 

This is what she looked like before her surgeries. 

And after. 

She's still a little ghostly looking but nothing like this. 

-the more you know-