To the average person Liquor Hole might come across as just a naughty reference. To hardcore Grand Theft Auto V players, it's a way of life.

Liquor Hole is an alcohol shop in GTA V that sells booze, wine, cigars, and other fun things you'd want on a Friday night. However, it's most famous for the big sign parked on-top of the building.

The sign, which has a 5' diameter hole in it, has become the object of some of the most amazing stunts ever witnessed in a video game. Yes, people launch through it.

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It all began in early 2014, just a few months after GTA V's release. Just as GTA Online's servers finally became stable, players began discussion on the official forums about Liquor Hole, and shared stories of how they jumped through it in funny ways. Some plopped through it before landing face first out front, others launched rockets at pedestrians on the other side.

'Ash the Skyqueen' had far greater ambitions, though. She wanted to use the hole to earn a reputation as one of the game's greatest stunt people.

So after a lot of practice, she managed to record herself flying through it after skydiving down more than 1,000 feet. Of course, she uploaded footage to YouTube as proof:

The video caught a lot of attention in the community, but was one-upped a year later when players started launching through it using vehicles. In proper response, Ash found the perfect route to launch through the hole from nearly a mile away using a motorcycle of her own:

But there was still work to be done.

After weeks of looking for different launch points, Ash published what now stands as the craziest Liquor Hole stunt yet, a motorcycle launch to backwards entry. Although she makes it look simple, no other player has been able to replicate the stunt... yet.

Insane, right?

Of course, this sort of thing doesn't come without its failures. Here's a hilarious fails clip of some practice runs:

Time to start practicing.