I still remember when Twitch.tv first arrived on the scene. Back then the software needed some work, but the community was awesome. You could hop into just about any channel and actually be able to read your text before it was pushed off the top of the screen. The streamers themselves were focused on playing games for the live audience, and were actually good at the games they played.

These days most channels are full of fluff. You have Counter-Strike players spending hours just opening loot chests. You have World of Warcraft players spending most of their time watching YouTube videos in front of everyone. And, of course, you have girls with exposed cleavage basically giving a softcore cam session for everyone.

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The fact of the matter is "cleavage channels", as I like to call them, have been dominating the landscape for years now. It's officially against the Terms of Service to show body parts in this way, but girls get away with it, and as you can imagine it draws a bigger audience than the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade.

A new video by penguinz0 explains it best, showing several minutes of footage of self professed cleavage streamer Pink Sparkles, who has tens of thousands of followers who she'll drunk dance and squat for if they pay her enough. 

This is the world we live in now.