Tensions around H&M's controversial and even racist Ad have finally resulted in stores being ransacked and trashed. The Ad went viral last week after a number of celebrities called out H&M on social media for the depiction of a black boy wearing a 'Coolest Monkey In The Jungle' hoodie. 

The EFF which stands for 'Economic Freedom Fighters' took out their frustrations with the Ad by trashing an H&M store in South Africa. The protestors turned over tables, ripped up signs, and broke mirrors. Video of the incident can be seen below. 

H&M has seen tons of outrage and push back over the insensitive Ad, but this is the first incidence of actual property damage to one of their stores. Last week musical artists G-Eazy and The Weekend both ended their relationships with the brand, ending forthcoming clothing lines and promotional opportunities. G-Eazy tweeted this message in response:

And The Weekend Tweeted this:

However, not everyone was onboard with the outcry as the mother of the boy featured in the controversial Ad spoke up in support of H&M, a twist many people didn't see coming and didn't care for once it did. She used the words 'crying wolf' in response to the public outcry. 

Regardless of the mothers perspective, H&M has a full-blown PR crisis on their hands and by the looks of what happened in South Africa, H&M shouldn't expect for this debacle to go away quickly.