Life can be hard, and if you spend time online it can be depressing, but if you're a woman, say, like Jennifer Lawrence life can be both. After a photo of Lawrence posing with the cast members of her newest movie, 'Red Sparrow' surfaced online, many women and men alike read into it like a good book. The only problem is this photograph didn't contain 1000 words or a story about women in Hollywood, no, this image was all about fashion. 

Exhibit A: Lawrence possing in London in a dress while her coworkers are well, not wearing dresses. And what was the reaction to this press photo? Sexism and the hardships of women in Hollywood. Note: (we both acknowledge sexism is real and we support the metoo and times up movement, so don't send us your hate mail).

But come on seriously? 

Well, first off they're in London, not Hollywood and secondly, was she forced to not wear a coat? Were the men asked to wear dresses yet declined? We have more questions and now bald patches from scratching our heads over this one. So here, let's see what Twitter had to say about it. 

We do not blame women for wanting to take the photo as a sign of larger social issues surrounding Hollywood and women's rights but before people jump to conclusions, maybe they should dig a little deeper. Like we said above, was she forced to wear the dress? No, no she wasn't. And after the news went viral, Jennifer Lawrence has to speak up for herself. 

Well, you don't say. Surely this will change peoples minds about their initial reactions and claims of 'Hollywood being cold towards women', right? Wrong, so so damn wrong. It only got worse afterward. (The most over the top comments are on her Facebook post) 

Honestly, we think it's a damn shame that she had to even address the viral news and even worse that she got attacked for doing so. Come on guys and gals, what the fuck are we doing here? You can't say "oh look Jennifer Lawrence is cold and her male costars are warm" in one breath and say, "ahh fuck you, Jennifer Lawrence, you don't speak for us all" in the next. 

Here are some of the Facebook comments as a bonus. They are responses to her reactions which we're only including because they are hilarious and make no damn sense what so ever. Enjoy.