Longboarder launches off cliff.

When your parents told you to wear pads before going outside and skateboarding, there was good reason. Apparently this longboarder from Texas didn't get the memo.

The name's Francisco Bocanegra (no, not the poet who wrote the Mexican national anthem) , and longboarding down steep hills is the game. In this instance, he was winding through some wide open streets at over 40 miles per hour.

When he began his run in perfect aerodynamic form, he had no idea that within the next minute he'd be launching down a cliff after sliding across the road. Yet, he did. See for yourself:

Surprisingly, Francisco got off easy here, and walked away with some serious scrapes, but no broken bones. His wrist guards took most of the beating, and the cliff wasn't steep enough to make him squish like a banana. Let that be a learning lesson.