To the average gamer Fight of Gods appears a fairly ordinary fighting game. Released earlier this week, in the game players assume control of gods and mythological entities such as Jesus, Buddha, and Zeus as they pulverize one another. Sold at a budget price, it was fairly inconspicuous at release, until someone got offended.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is triggered by the themes of Fight of Gods, arguing that it degrades religions and introduces violence into sacred grounds.

In response, not only has it banned the game in Malaysia, but has prevented access to Valve’s Steam platform using a DNS block. This has effectively made it impossible for Malaysian PC gamers to access the Steam Store, although they can still play games already in their library.

Jesus K.O.s Athena using the holy spirit.

Valve was contacted directly by the MCMC earlier in the week and as of this morning has geoblocked Fight of Gods from being accessed in Malaysia.

Gamers in Malaysia can still access the game using a VPN or an alternate DNS, which has resulted in several popular guides finding their way onto the internet.

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Fight of Gods currently stands with a Very Positive rating on Steam where it’s currently trending thanks to the news. If anything, the MCMC has made the game far more popular by making a fuss.

As much as some will argue that the developers of Fight of Gods intentionally approached controversy, they did decide not to include Muhammad for reasons you can probably guess.