XXXtentacion is a rapper from Florida, who gained fame last year for his harsh music and crazy hair style. During his rise to fame, XXX was locked inside a prison cell on charges of abusing a pregnant woman and unlawful imprisonment. At the time much about the case was unknown and many overlooked it because, well, his music was pretty dope, but in light of recent testimonies, things have changed. Read what XXX's ex-girlfriend had to say about his abuses. **Warning: The Testimony Is Very Disturbing** 

For those of you unfamiliar with XXXtentacion, check out the video below. 

XXX's has a long history of violence, which shouldn't be surprising after reading his ex's testimony. Here is a photo of X with a man he beat up which he used as cover art for his SoundCloud account.

And here X is punching one of his fans in the face.  

It safe to say that XXXtentacion's 15 minutes are up. Have fun in prison!