We here at eBaum's love our users and their special way with words. We've decided to collect some recent favorites to re-share in one collective dumpster fire for everyone to enjoy.

Fsu321 is a passionate guy, who hated the I Hate Your Band feature.

But maybe he hated this article about endangered species even more.

JBRogerthat started a running gag on our new Twitch stream, in which he answered a noob's question about what the word "eBaum's" means. He answered plainly that it was short for "electronic bald man's." When repeating the joke in one of his video game features, some of our long term users were not too pleased.

Then, of course, our image gallery of Davids left a few users in total dismay.

Another nugget of joy came from SteveHanson666, who plans to lead a boycott of our advertisers.

Steve666 also feels passionately about immigration. 

Comment on these comments below! Troll one another! Suck the marrow from each other's bones! And thank you your engagement. I believe jjchowdy put it best when he said: