Trumpet Boy is hands down the best object labeling meme the Internet has seen in some time. Object labeling is exactly how it sounds. When you label an image with words or phrases that enhance the original image or create a narrative from their parts. Object labeling is a meme format known as an 'exploitable', which also is pretty straightforward. 

For example, the Drake exploitable have been popular for some time as they are easy for anyone to meme in whatever way they see fit. 

The Drake meme is still pretty common yet the format has evolved and a few popular memes arose because of it. The 'Damn' edits which became popular in 2017 are a great example of object labeling. The example is pretty tongue and cheek but you get the point. 

And what does any of this have to do with Trumpet Boy? Well, it shows how far we have come and where we are going as the aesthetics of meme are ever changing. 

So get them while they're hot and before all your normie friends do. Enjoy! 

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