Lee ROY MERCER Sex Pills

LEE ROY MERCER WHOOP EM AGAIN. LEE ROY MERCER is back and hes crankier than ever! On WHOOP EM AGAIN, Mercer is in desperate need of help from the pharmacist. A feller from church supplied our beloved old codger with some Viagra to help him out with his 28 year old bride, apparently several days have gone by and the little blue pills wont stop workin and Lee Roy passin himself off as the local Pastor has to give a sermon in the morning. Also Mercer drops a bomb on a Funeral Home caretaker, it seems Lee Roy is in need of an affordable funeral for his wifes mother. Mercer and his two boys have dug the poor old lady up to re-bury her at the new family farm and shes out in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in a U-Haul trailer. Produced By JON HOLTZ. Track Listing1. Stolen Breakfast Bowl Idea - 6512. Sex Pills - 6413. Love Triangle Gone South - 6174. Pre-Paid Bond - 1305. Sex Change The Dog - 5456. Environmental Disaster On The Farm - 2257. Re-Bury The Mother-In-Law - 7058. Balloon Poop - 5319. Pawn The Dog - 31710. Bronco Repo - 70111.Cold Fish Dinner 1022 Copyright 2005 WarHead Records All Rights Reserved. Lee Roy Mercer Is A Registered Trademark Owned And Licensed For Use By WarHead Records.
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Uploaded 01/10/2007
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