1 week challenge


I am challenging myself to not smoke, masturbate or use the internet for one week. It is going to be hard as i spend a lot of my free time smoking, masturbating and surfing the internet. I find that any time not spent either working or partaking in some sort of activity is spent enjoying these "hobbies".

None of them actually help me in any way. Quite the opposite, they actually prevent me doing something useful with my time. I procrastinate a lot and although i enjoy these pastimes i hope to prove to myself that i can control my urges and not excessively give into them.

Smoking doesn't make me happy. Masturbating doesn't make me happy. Spending a lot of time on the internet doesn't make me happy. These things merely prevent unhappiness by scratching a self inflicted itch. I masturbate, smoke and spend hours on the internet when i'm bored and unhappy.

I am heavily addicted to these things and that is why i must learn to control myself. The first step is a week of cold turkey. Excuse the seasonal pun.

Ill write a blog and let all you ebw bloggers know how it feels to not smoke, fap or use the internet for 7 days as i imagine; like me,  the last time any of you did that was during childhood.


Uploaded 12/23/2011
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