10 important tips to taking great pictures

Have you ever asked yourself, do my pictures suck? If you havent, then there is a large chance that they do. But if you have, there is still a large chance that they suck!

So here are ten important tips to making your pictures not suck!

1. Don't make the "peace sign"
- The peace sign is outdated and gay, plus you are guaranteed to be a teenage girl if you use it. 90% of pictures taken by teenagers (girls in particular) have the "peace sign" in them. It sucks, please stop doing it.

2. Don't make a "kissy" face
- Another symptom of being a teenage girl is having to make the "kissy" face in every frikken picture. WE DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR DEFORMED FEATURES SCRUNCHED UP INTO HORRIBLE FOLDS AND WRINKES. YOUR CRACKED AND DRYING LIPS ARE NOT CALLING FOR ATTENTION!!! GAHHHHH!

3. Don't stick out your tongue
- It's on the inside of your mouth for a reason! Freak...

4. Don't use the open mouthed "omg did i just do somthing bad" face.
- It doesn't look cute! It only makes people want to punch you in the mouth to cure your false innocence!

5. Don't take pictures of yourself!
- There is not much that is more annoying than seeing somones arm jutting out and holding the camera for the picture. It just gives the impression that you have no friends to take the picture for you. If you must take picture of yourself, use the damn auto timer. Have some frikken self respect.

6. Don't take pictures of you kissing anyone
- Just think about what you are doing, you are taking PDA and multiplying it by 100. The result is 100x more lame than the original action and IS ALWAYS VISIBLE! Plus try explaining that picture to your next prospect in a way that they understand. Good luck...

7. Do not, i repeat, do not under any circumstances take a picture of your butt
- It might seem cool or funny at the time. But you are going to regret it in long run.

8. Do not take 500 million pictures of you and bff.
- Sure it might show the world how close you and your friend are, but have you ever thought that it also shows how lame you are? If you have to, at least make sure that the pictures VARY slightly, and are not all completely the same!

9. Don't use lame captions for your pictures
- Given that the picture of you and your bff is pretty lame to begin with, you can only make it worse by adding this "omg kesl & <3 4 2 b alws tgthr!". First, what the hell does it mean, second what the hell does it mean, and third... what the hell does it mean. And another thing, spell your captions correctly or you will leave your readers scratching their heads thinking "what the hell does that mean"

10.If you followed all the above hints and your pictures still suck, just stop taking pictures.
- I mean, why not stop before you take a really awful picture that you will regret for the rest of your life. If you haven't done that already.

I hope these hints helped, and if they didn't, just stop taking pictures.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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