10 Powerful Women We'd Like to Bone

Yingluck Shinawatra

Assuming she’s actually a woman, the Prime Minister of Thailand is one fine piece of probably female empowerment.


JK Rowling

I’ve written a piece of fanfiction and it’s called JK Rowling and my Sorcerer’s Bone.



Madonna is like a sexy crypt keeper. She’s the dream woman for any necrophiliac, Madonna can work on your front while the undead she controls can play with your balls.



The queen of daytime television for nearly three decades, there is no stopping this dynamo, and I’m sure there’s no stopping her badonka from donking in bed either.


Queen of England (Elizabeth II)

She’s the constitutional Monarch of over 16 sovereign states but there’s only one body I want her to govern, and it's mine.


Hillary Clinton

She occupies the top diplomatic position in US government as well as many other top positions in my 20 page proposal on how to best satisfy Hillary Clinton. She's only got one testicle, so she still counts as a woman. Did you know she almost ran for president?


Ellen Degeneres

This sexy, powerful woman is such a sexy and powerful woman that she likes to have sex with other women.


Julia Child

Standing at 6’2” I dream of this French-food connoisseur scooping up me with her giant arms and shoving me inside her personal crock pot if you catch my drift.

Sheryl Sandberg COO Facebook

Speaking of someone we'd like to stalk on facebook this lady has got a lot of stock from facebook.

Sasha Grey

She’s been deleted from more search histories than any other woman alive. Also goes by her stage name “SafeSearch OFF”.

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