10 tips to make shopping more exciting!

We all know the situation: it is vacation, lovely weather outside, you want to have a day to relax and then your girlfriend asks you to go shopping...

Here are 10 tips to make shopping more exciting!


Grab in the box with condoms and place them in the basket of an unsuspecting customer... Use ultra strong anal condoms for the men and flavoured condoms for the women and watch them turn red at the cashier.

Program all the alarms at the clock-section so one will go off every 10 minutes.Leave a trail of applejuice to the bathroom.

If someone asks to help you, start yelling and crying: "Why won't they all leave me alone?!?!"

Go to the knive-section, grab the biggest knive you find and ask someone where the antidepressant is.

Use the reflecting lens of the camera's to pick in your nose.

Hide between the clothingracks and when someone comes looking, yell with a high soft voice: "pick me! pick me!"

Sneak through the racks in a suspicious manner while you are humming the Mission Impossible tune and then go to a worker and say solemnly: "We have a code 3 at 6 o' clock."

When they say something through the intercom, fall on the ground and scream "The voices in my head! they're here again! they're here agaaain!"

Go into a dressing room and yell "I'm out of toilet paper!"


Follow these 10 easy steps and you'll never be bored at the store again!

Uploaded 10/01/2008
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