I just ordered a pizza waiting for my friends to get back from the store that we can start this movie.  I have been lightly surfing the world wide wed today and I have been at somewhat of a loss for what to blog about.  Everytime I come to the blog section of my favorite website the, "write a new blog" link is stalking me.  Mocking me, making me feel boring because I havent any thing decent to write about.  I made a list earlier this morning of the contents of my fridge just to see what kind of responses I might get.  I was suprised that I got any responses at all.  The question here is why do I feel the need to write meaningless bullshit for all of you to comment on.  Comments that really have no bearing on anything what so ever.  Even though I know that this is a complete waste of time and I will never actually get anything out of these blogs that I write and these blogs that I read.  Comment sections that I take part in and sometimes even become devoted to "winning" if I feel strongly enough about it.  Sometimes I just come on this website to start shit.  Some times I come here just to read and not to be noticed.  Ahh well, there I go again rambling, I dont what I am really trying to say here is what the fuck are we doing here?  Really?

Because this shit really has me by the balls and I know that I am not the only one.


Uploaded 11/02/2008
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