The time ticks by.

Left penniless by a cheating ex-wife that took anything of value, James searches. He spends his days inside of his own head, remembering. People such as James don't look to the future. The future doesn't exist for them, only the past.

A sound. What is it?

His first dog, his first kiss, his first girlfriend and his first love. All of these things are important, but to James they are his life. Feeling half of what he felt then is better than feeling nothing at all.

Nothing, no one. Of course, no one.

It Begins

Happy to relieve himself of his fathers shadow, James found his own Mecca in the city. James had $5000 in his bank account. He needed a car, an apartment and basic living supplies. Moving out was the best moment and worst moment of his life. He knew he would have a fight ahead, but he had contacts to help him.

He made his first investment: BioTeknics. A year later they announced their new clean energy method and their stock prices flew up. James had made a deal with the devil, he had inside help from a man he was splitting the profits with. He was just happy he finally had some scratch. The days were gone where he feared tax time. He knew he was set for life. James, like most people, thought happiness was money.

James bought his first sports car, fucked his first model and threw away his first $100 bill. Such trifles were nothing to a man as great as himself. Living on top of the world, going out and sleeping until 2PM had it's advantages. He met the best of people, that of course liked him and not his money. No one would ever be a gold digger, right? James cared not, James knew not. For ignorance is bliss...



Continued later. Maybe.

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