1AM! Party time!

Yep... 1AM is party time. Definetely... Im very tired right now, i cant sleep, and i have school tomorrow. This is like.. awesome.. and stuff. Just watching TV, Bullshittin' with all of u Foooollllls, and doin whatever my tired, semi-insane mind feels like doin. Its all like... venture brothers is on, and im talkin to u guys at the same time. sometimes i wonder how we do things at the same time. its like... im doing this one thing, and then im doing this other thing at the same time.

i had a friend of mine who couldnt do 2 things at once. she would stop in the middle of the stairs to take a drink from her drink, (ehehehehe, funny) and she would stop and c ontinue walking. i asked her and shes all like... i cant do 2 things at the same time.

It fuckin blew my mind!

I am sooo tired!

ow i just got a pinprick in my finger, and now it all ow'ish. like... how? it just came out of nowhere all of a sudden like... d00d...

ok... ima do some jackjack and go to bed :P not kidding...

nighty night u... people

Uploaded 08/14/2009
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