2009 The end of the beginning

World recession, global warming, black american president blah blahfuckingblah. Its the end of the American century and we will look back over the last 100 years and marvel at the impact of American greed on our delicate world. And the sense that the American people, whom i pity for their ignorance, still dream the American dream.  The idolatry of wealth is over, the people who hold the wealth are modern day monarchs. And the heirs to their estate are incomptetant and will without a doubt misuse the power inherited from their parents. These people, these children of the american dream will perish at the hand of the ruthless greed driven lower classes who, battered by the poverty inflicted by their countries' system of selfish motivation, are desperate for a place at the top.

These desperate times have a reason. Their purpose is to give us back our values; ones that arent measured by an index. Unmeasurable values that most of the world have never forgotten. The root of world hatred of America can be found in almost every aspect of their very existence. Their leaders have successfully bred the perfect consumer with as much humanity as the produts they consume. Unification of the world as been achieved through a shared hatred of everything American.

God bless america; for the Devil rules it now.

Uploaded 01/04/2009
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