2010 eBaumy eWards Ballots


Well as you know, eBaumsWorld is having it's first annual eBaumy eWards. With that being said, ballots have been sent out to people who have joined the group today. If you have joined the group, but have not  received a ballot, Please check your spam/junk folder. (Most likely it's in there, if not PM UsedCarMan or myself) We will get you one as soon as possible.

How it's going to work: Well, pretty simple lol. Vote for an eBaums User that would be most likely suited to that specific category. The deadline to send in your ballots is most likely going to be a week or so. That way if gives users time to send in it.

After that has been completed, all the ballots handed in will compile the final top 4 users from each category. With that in mind, voters will receive a Final Ballot to vote for the final 4 users from each category. All you have to do is click a check box next to a name!

Also, If you have not joined the group, contact UsedCarMan and/or myself nyyank257 and we will set you up with a ballot, so you may vote.

Thanks for reading and happy voting.


Uploaded 10/27/2010
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