2Pac Was A Piece Of Shit

I'm amazed when I hear someone say on the radio that the poor Tupac Shakur died so young and the world will never be the same without this amazing artist. Really? After reading my blog, you'll most probably think that the man who shot 2Pac did the world a favor.

When you hear about Tupac, you usually get bull shit like how he was a great rapper and shit. They rarely tell you that Tupac Shakur was a rapist and a criminal. Here are some of his... achievements.

June 1988 - Tupac starts his career as a drug dealer

November 12 1991 - Tupac gets caught jaywalking and has the nerve to sue the police for beating him up for that

March 13 1993 - Tupac assaults his limo driver because he caught the rapper taking drugs and lectured him.

April 4 1993 - Tupac gets 10 days in prison for taking a swing at another rapper with a baseball bat. Scientists say that you can kill with a baseball bat if you hit someone with it.

July 23 1993 - Janet Jackson plays in a movie with 2Pac and demands that he takes an HIV test before she kissed him in one of the scenes. Janet Jackson was either racist or she had suspicions about 2Pac having AIDS.

October 31 1993 - 2Pac gets arrested for SHOOTING COPS because, as he claimed, they were harassing a black man. Charges were dropped (he probably bought them off).

November 18 1993 - Tupac and his 3 buddies rape a 19 year old. In the butt.

March 10 1994 - Tupac gets 15 days in prison for punching the director Allen Hughes. Hughes didn't want Shakur to play in his movie.

September 1996 - Tupac, despite being found guilty of rape and arms possession, is walking free because he's rich and paid a 1.4 million bond. Some gangster did the world a favor and pulled that weed out of the society, when 2Pac was coming our of a Mike Tyson boxing match.

Puff Daddy is a rap star and 2Pac is dead.

Happy ending.

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