35 ways to annoy your neighbor

  1. Kidnap his dog and shave it
  2. Move your garbage/recycling pile to his/her garbage/recycling pile
  3. Play Ding-Dong-Ditch at his house
  4. Prank call him, say u are a stalker, then have your friend talk to you on a walky-talky saying what the guy/girl is doing
  5. Kidnap his dog
  6. Watch porn at high volume
  7. Destroy his garbage/recycling pile
  8. Kidnap his cat and shave it
  9. Burn his lawn
  10. Burn his cat
  11. Spray paint his/her car saying "Just Got Gay Marriage"
  12. Take all the air out of their car's wheels
  13. Break their windows
  14. Take all the air out of their dog
  15. Lean a garbage can full of water on their door, then ring their doorbell
  16. Walk in front of their house in the nude
  17. Throw fire crackers at their house
  18. Egg their house
  19. Shove a fire cracker up their dog's ass
  20. Put poppers under their car's wheels
  21. Fuck their cat
  22. Fuck their wife/husband
  23. Put crap in a paper bag, light it on fire, leave it at their doorstep, and then ring the doorbell
  24. Stick your ass on their bedroom window
  25. Shit on their bedroom window
  26. Shit on their cat
  27. Steal their mail
  28. Knock down their mailbox
  29. Piss down their chimmeny
  30. Piss on their dog
  31. Give them blackmail
  32. Shit on a piece of paper, stick it on an envelope, put it on their mailbox
  33. Shit down their chimmeny
  34. Throw fire crackers down their chimmeny
  35. Piss in their water connection


    There you go!!!


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