4 takes on health care

In response to Tomlet's blog, here are a few of my takes on why there is such resistance to government run health care. 


1) Nobody likes or wants to go backwards. That is what it would take to make this work. The level of care will likely go down. The facilities won't be as well kept and modern. It is likely that R and D budgets would be cut back. Medical professionals would face job cuts or salary losses. In the movie "Sicko" the doctor in France (I believe it was France) lived a very comfortable lifestyle on 200k a year. Are the doctors and nurses here ready to take a pay cuts (aka go backwards) to make this work?


2) We are spoiled. The Canadian government run doctors office's shown in the same Michael Moore movie look more like a DMV waiting room than a doctors office. A stark white room with folding chairs. We have grown accustomed to being very comfortable at worst. (Shit we are paying through the nose. We deserve it right?) When my wife went in for a c-section you would think we were in a four star hotel. 24 hour room service. Hardwood floors. A couch that converted to a bed so I could spend the night. Cable TV with a DVD player. It almost sucked to go home.


3) You involve the government and you stagnate growth and competition. Some people confuse growth with greed. Who ever said they want things to be worse for their kids? Who wants to move from a decent home to a run down - unsafe part of town in order to save money? No major company CEO will ever say "Hey. I think we are big enough and next year we can sell less." Growth, achievement and power are the American way.


4) People fear change. You mention other countries are not facing an economical meltdown because of their health care system. I would guess that they have had a role in their health care for decades. They didn't revamp the entire system in 12 months. The Obama push for a national system feels like it is being rushed though congress and forced upon us. Why not establish a plan, set up trials in a few states and monitor the success rate of the plan? Shit. I wish he would take on the IRS with this kind of fever! He would be guaranteed a second term if he fixed that cluster f*ck.



Uploaded 11/10/2009
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