4 years

Yo Dawg, I'm at 7331 media watched (1337 backwards)

It wasn't a milestone I even considered, but here it is.

I will use this as a time to reflect on this site.

Ebaumsworld at one point in time was one of the least edited websites out there. The extreme category videos used to fall under really set precident. Funny videos, and etc were all pretty exceptional. I feel that this site has regressed in many ways, but I'm unsure if that's entirely ebaumsworld's fault.

In essence, the internet back then was still relatively new to the masses. I'm sure most people were still on dial-up back then. Those videos could only retain their shock factor for so long. So it was bound to die out. It would be nice though if they still retained the categorization that they used to. I realize it's hard to do now considering the millions of videos that have been uploaded since.

In essence, this place has become 2 things.

1. A place where a bunch of jerk-offs come to hang out with other jerk-offs. (Need I address it more than reading the newest comments on the newest featured media)

2. Just another compilation website. It really doesn't stand out on it's own in any way shape or form anymore. The only thing that really keeps me here is probably the picture gallerys and just familiarity.

The ebones thing has pretty much died, and I can understand why. It probably was pretty easy just to make a bot that posted random shit 24/7 and make 10 bucks. But for what people do for them today is absolutely retarded.

For 75k ebones (a 10 dollar visa card) the amount of time dedicated would absolutely be less than the cost of energy and internet usage bills to make it.

In short, I'm unsure where this website is headed, but it has a lot of competition. The "orignals" here are embarrassing at best. Seriously, I'm embarrassed watching half the shit you guys post.

In conclussion,

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