4steps to making an indie music video

It doesn't matter if your indie band makes music about this or that, when you make a music video follow these guidelines and you'll be the next Michael Jackson.

1.) start the video by having the main singer guy throw something in the air, as if he has come to a certain realization that there is a better way to do something and walk off scene.

2.) have the main singer walk down a busy sidewalk singing into the camera, and all the pedestrians for some reason don't pay any attention to a mad man singing.

3.) sometime (half way abouts) during the song, have the main singer in a white suit and pan into the whole band playing in a run down abandoned industrial area because for some reason they play music there.

4.) about at the end (even if it's not a romantic song) show a wine glass falling on the floor to shatter and also have some roses down there. Then show a girl crying and a guy (preferably the main singer dude) trying to explain some shit to her.
Uploaded 03/03/2013
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