4th of July

As most of the world knows, yesterday was the the 4th of July, a wonderful celebration of the United States.  This wonderful country of the Unites States also has a GREAT welfare system. (see previous blog)

Well my wonderful welfare cheating neighbors had a bar-b-que for 30 all purchased on granny's food stamps card!  How in the world can 1 person get that much money for food and why can't I have some?  BECAUSE I"M WORK HARD AND PAY MY TAXES!

They also purchased illegal fireworks and then bitch about not having any money so their lights, gas, and water got turned off.  Nevermind the brand new 22 inch rims on a 1984 Oldsmobile.  I was hoping that some of the adults and older kids that quit school would have blown off a body!  Unfortunately, everyone was okay.

Once the fireworks started, one of them lit a Roman Candle and handed to a 1 YEAR OLD so they were holding it without an adult's help while it was shooting!  I went in to call police, but since it was the 4th, they were directing traffic downtown for the city's fireworks show.  I was told that it was not an immediate emergency and a unit would be over as soon as one could.  I never saw a cop come by!  What the fuck is up with that!  Luckily the child was not hurt.  I'm going to call DCFS on Monday to report it.

I also just found out that granny is moving over a mile away!  If they had car, they would probably come by and stake out our house so they could rob it, but a mile is way to long for them to walk!  They cannot even get a part job, so how could they make it that far!

I can't wait until they move.  Then I will just have deal with the fatties across the street and STD infested hookers two doors down.

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