5 Clever Ways to Fool People Doped Up on Bath Salts

Forget zombies, armies of invaders hyped up on bath salts are in a neighborhood near you and intent on stealing everything from your XBox 360 to your toothbrush to finance their next hit. Personally, the crackheads of the 90's and millenium meth addicts aren't nearly as concerning as someone who might rob you blind and then attempt to eat your face. The only solution is prevention, and since leaving valuables out in the open is just asking for trouble, invisible safes might be the best way to go. Here are five ways to deter bath salt junkies.

1. Underwear Safe: You need to be desperate to search a pile of dirty underwear, especially ones with skid marks - blech! Provided you don't try to wear them out of the house or stick them in the wash, this seems to be a pretty clever option.

2. VHS Safe: When was the last time anyone tried to steal a VHS tape? They're clunky, the film quality is bad, and let's be honest you could probably hollow out an entire VHS player and hide gold bullion.

3. Ugly Shoes: Hide your valuables in the equivalent of church shoes that your 80-year-old aunt would wear. Nobody would steal these things - unless they needed a blunt instrument to kills a spider or attack their next victim with.

4. Salad safe: Aha - we have a winner here. If your burglar is keen to gnaw a face off, they're fairly unlikely to check the fridge, and even if they do, they won't be looking to make a salad. Your Rolex should be safe in this leafy green vault.

5. Electrical socket safe: Even the cleverest (or the highest) thief wouldn't attempt to stick a metal key into an electrical socket. Plus, with the average home having at least two sockets in every room, the odds of them electrocuting themselves before they actually find the right one are in your favor.

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