5 Curious George Books Banned by the PTA

Towards the end of his life, the author of Curious George began to take the series in new directions determined by the whims of dementia and the Jew-socialist media conspiracy. The following Curious George titles are nearly impossible to find due to the vigilant moms of Section 47 PTA:


Curious George in Whats under th--HOLY SHIT GIVE MY HAT BACK!

George learns the valuable lesson that some questions are best left unanswered. Questions like, why do all the hats in the laundry have milky green discharge on them? or why does it sound like a garbage disposal where your hair should be?


Curious George Hits Puberty:

In this coming-of-age-story, Georges adult hormones drive him to retaliate against The Man in the Yellow Hat for dressing like a banana. In the end, The Man in The Yellow Hat learns a valuable lesson about dying, and George learns what men in yellow hats taste like.


Curious George Pushes the Envelope:

Georges curiosity leads him on a creative exploration of the boundary between art and obscenity in this fun-filled childrens book. Its sure to promote an open-minded dialogue between people of all four genders.


Curious George and the Deconstructionist Reading of Nietzsche:

Georges reading of Friederich Nietzshes leads him to discover that understanding something and repeating key phrases according to his own imagined definition are the same thing. Ages 3 and up.


The Man in The Yellow Hat in The Iron Mask:

The Man in the Yellow Hat's face is cruelly locked into an iron mask by his brother (The King in the Yellow Hat), who feels threatened by another potential heir to the throne. Meanwhile, George pulls ants from an ant-hill with a piece of straw.

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