5 Reasons Why I Hate Walmart

1.  My concrete evidence for reason number one is lacking, but it is what prompted me to write this.  The first reason I hate Walmart is because I'm pretty sure they used their legal jargon created by their army of lawyers to intimidate eBaums World into removing the video that was recently featured of a Walmart manager refusing last-minute Christmas shoppers access to the store, as it was a mere twenty minutes until closing time on Christmas Eve.  I believe this because the only other explanation would be the mods actually paid attention to an angry PM that informed them another user had already posted the same video, and deserved the feature.  I don't know, which scenario do you think is more likely?

2.  Reason 2 is also lacking hard proof, but I'm pretty sure they fired that manager.  I admired the man's resolve as he blocked the door to the procrastinating ass hats that threatened to keep his employees from getting home to their families at a decent hour on Christmas Eve.  He was an employee's boss, not a company boss, and that pisses Walmart off.  They're also infinitely sensitive of anything that might be deemed bad press for the company, so no doubt the man,  who's staff probably loved him dearly, was standing in the unemployment line today.

3.  The employees at Walmart are treated like shit.  Not only are they paid shit wages (overnight workers were found to be working for LESS than minimum wage), but when they ask about health care, they are given information on government assistance.  One of the world's largest corporations can't muster the funds to give their already-meager earning people at least a basic health care plan or pay them enough to have the means to find they're own coverage.  The option they offer is to take advantage of public assistance.  They have posters tacked up for employees, with information on how to apply for government programs, designed to help the impoverished.  If they qualify, they're forced to drain the public tax system.  If they fail to qualify, tough shit...Don't get sick.

4.  Outsourcing.  I'm not pissed off because I think it takes jobs away from Americans.  It's their treatment of their non-American workers, particularly the Chinese.  They're forced to meet grueling quotas and are paid next to nothing.  At least Walmart is kind enough to procure these employees with living quarters, better described as "cubby holes", for a small fee.  They are also kind enough to deduct costs for the apartment, even if an employee decides against living there. 

5.  I'm a Libertarian, and I'm usually all for personal freedoms and the pursuit of wealth without government intervention, but the line is drawn where it harms others.  Walmart, and other corporations of the same ilk,  harm whole communities.  They move into an area and drive small businesses under.  Then the people that once made a decent living running their own grocery store, hardware store, repair shop, camera shop, etc. are forced to either relocate or fill out an application at Walmart to work for minimum wage.

*Note - I'm usually the one to shake my head and mumble "conspiracy theorist nutcase" under my breath at people who rail against any entity like I just did, but Walmart has tainted the feature page of eBaum's World, and that is unforgivable, dammit!
Uploaded 12/30/2011
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