5 Star Ratings vs Honesty

*this blog is written for nobody specifically on eBaums* i try and be somewhat of a reputable character on here (save for a few who are truly fake) but why must i rate any video 5 stars when its content is a 3/3.5, maybe 4? haters gonna hate, feeches gonna feech so why should i lie to make you or myself feel better? please, rate my vids accorindgly EBW so i can still upload the shit i want to but we can both have a beer and a bowl afterwards, like men, or a man and woman. OR i can lie on your 5 points, come to your house party(s) under false pretenses with random company, drink your beer, leave stains on the couch and try and 5 star your shit on monday mornings. nope. pardon me for being an honest individual in a sea of e-immorality, skepticism and lame douchery. i will not and will never rate your shat b/c of your EBW persona. get to know me, come on in and warm yourself by the fire on my bearskin rug. Take your shoes off but  leave your socks on. i don't have a bearskin rug. there is a way to see who rates your vids but that is a bit shallow imo. you may need e-character and a full, vibrant, bloody-red 5 stars to quell your eBaums self-esteem and that is O.K. bruh, just remove that jar of jelly from your asshole and appreciate some real motherfucking honesty.
Uploaded 04/03/2012
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