8-9 yr old tackle football playoff loss

Our season actuall ended last saturday (nov. 15), and because i dont have web access at the house, i had to wait till i could post while at work. It just chapps my ass that we got parents riding our ass all season about their shitty kids not playing enough during games, and then those same kids are the ones during the game that when you call for them to go in the're eating nachos or playing with a toy they brought or generally fucking off! We had one kid, a boy, that showed up to a game wearing hannah montana bracelets and a ring! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SHIT! I'm tellin ya, we had some of the most cry baby bitch ass kids i have ever seen, and their parents were encuraging the behavior! I didnt know it at the time, but my kid, who played lolb, de, AND on offense tackle, played a whole game with a partially blocked lower intestine. Didnt say SHIT. Had a pretty decent game ,too. He strained a back muscle in that game too. Would not come out of the game. Thats football, and thats guts. Had another kid two games before that one ask if he "had to play, cuz those boys are bigger than me, and i'm scared."! SERIOUSLY?! I could see on Saturday that the usuall kids who cry, bitch, moan, and complain were going to drag our team down. Gametime temp was 50 degrees f with a strong northerly wind. We had a core group of 9 kids who never come off the field, but you know that old saying, your only as strong as your weakest link. We have a kid who wears girls jewelry. We got shelacked 30-0 by a team who showed up to play. This season i had a parent tell our head coach( i was the defensive coordinator) that she was gonna make it her mission that i never coached again. LOL, its a volenteer thing. I dont have any felony charges and i'm not a sex offender, so there is no way thats possible, but its just an example of the dumb ass parents we had this season. Most of our core are moving up to what they call the senior level next season including my son, and i will coach again. For now, im taking some time off from coaching, gonna enjoy my son and daughter playing basketball( both are good at that), and am prepping my defense for next season.

Uploaded 11/20/2008
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