I kinda miss the blog section, so I am back now, how has things been? I see that there is some new bloggers, like poop and some other one I can not think of a the moment. I have been kinda busy with college stuff and job searching because my last job was only for the summer. I still have not ordered my swag pack because I do not know how fill out that tax w-8 bullshit, and it says you can be fined a whole lot money if you give false information, so probable just use my parents info so I dont fuck up.

I am glad to see Rednotes back and we settled are differences like a lot of people should on here, but that would take away some of the the more interesting stuff. Today is my Birthday though and I am on ebaum's blogging......holy shit I am cool, at least later I will be eating cheese cake and pizza, then maybe later than that have a few beers if I am lucky. I lied and said i was 19 when really I was 18 but shit that was like a month ago I said that so its not that bad.

well I got to go!
Uploaded 08/25/2011
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