9/12 Tea Party in DC

I just got done watching some raw footage of the Tea Party in DC this month.  All I can say is Jesus...  I understand that this guy has compiled the wackiest people he interviewed in a whole day into 9 minutes, but Jesus...  This was the collection of the dumbest, craziest, most misinformed fucktards I've seen in years.  It was a regular freakshow of dumbfucks. 

It's official... I live in a nation of lower primates screeching and flinging their poo at all that doesn't please them.  Why did I even think for a second that there was any rational discourse going on in this country.

When the interviewer started asking people about Czars and Glenn Beck... Jesus.

Also, don't get me wrong, I understand that this youtube video is left wing propaganda.  I understand that it was meticulously cut to make people on the right look uneducated and on the fringe.  Even with that knowledge, it's extremely effective.

You were here, 'date?  Did you get interviewed? 

Warning, do not watch this before or after eating:


Edit:  Holy shit... you want to see the most hardcore guy at the tea bag rally?  This guy has Chuck Norris balls on him.  This is after he was attacked and the police intervened:

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