90's music

it is so much better than this new shit, because the new shit is all corporate watered down crap,

i mean shit, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, mettalica load and reload, are excellent albums the fusion with blues is fucking amazing of course youve got the wu-tang clan. but seriously rage against the machine lyrics and their message even their music style is more relevent today than ever.


 i encourage you, no i implore you to watch the sleep now in the fire video, their anger is where your anger SHOULD have been in 2000,like their song war within a breath. Everything can change on a new years day, they were singing about changing the shit that fucked us over in the last decade. who cares if tom morello is a communist and zach is an anarchist, these are viable philosophies we should add to our current system, im not saying go to the extreme and eliminate money but in the constitution it says "Promote the general welfare" and in current political terms, thats socialism when it really isnt socialism (when the workers control the means of production, thats socialism((they use the term socialized as socialism when the two could not be farther apart))((( socialized is something everyone can get and enjoy, not a workers take over of the industries and means of production,but they use this retoric and false definitions to scare people because the knowledge is intensely hidden.)))

careing about whether people can sleep indoors and get a good meal is very important but we are told not to beleive in things like that and make fun of people who get a shitty hand, and therefor, take them for all their worth, this is not a way to run america.


 it is a way for corporate interests to put us in competition with each and everyone of our neighbors as if we shouldn't give a shit about eachother, but that is contradictory to what the constitution implies, because we have in fact been taken over by corporate and illuminati interests.


the same people who were behind the nazi's, they are now implementing their power on americans, they use religion, popular tv and music to make people think their is nothing wrong with our endless war scenario, barrack obama has no intention of changing anything as alex jones laid out explicitly in the obama deception. so i guess that leaves us in the present, however they conrol the present so they control the past, and since they control the present and the past, they control the future.


some good reading for ya! :D

franklin delano roosevelt 32nd president if the united states

!!2nd bill of rights!!


hume- inquiries on human understanding

marx- capital\communist manifesto


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