911 - 7 Years of Lie's Part 2..........

Alright, you guys responded sooooooo much to the first blog, I had to do another. I support our troops, I do care that the 2993 lives lost on that day (that number includes the still missing). I wrote the first blog to try to see what you people thought about it all. Not to go ape shit crazy over. I feel like I didn't fully explain myself and some people have got things a little twisted up. Let me state my case...........

Ok, first off, stell has a melting point of1510 degree's......the fires in the tower's were well below 800 degree's. Even if you count the impact and explosion cause by the jet fuel and what not, the maxium temperature if hydricarbib fires burning in the atmosphere without pressurization or pre-heating (pre-mixed fuel and air - blue flame). So if you look at it like I did the steel melt if the flames in the buildings couldn't even get up to the right temperature????

If for some reason the steel did melt.....the floors would have fallen and the core would have been left standing. Matter of fact, the WTC Building 7 wasn't even hit by a plane and had very little damage and it still fell into itself. Not a single building made out of steel has collasped due to fire damage until Sept. 11th 2001.....3 buildings collasped due to fire. Anyone have any questions yet??????

I'm sorry if I offened anyone, I just noticed certain things that don't make sense and I ask questions rather then believe everything the media spoon feeds me. Part 3 will be coming soon.................

Uploaded 08/24/2008
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