911 Coincidences?

A friend of mine emailed these to me. If anyone thinks a certain gruop in shadow Government isn't behind all of this, then you are simply in denial. But don't take my word for it. Take the time to read the following info and judge for yourself. If you don't believe 9/11 was an inside job, then you've taken the wrong pill.

February 27, 1933 - The German parliament's Reichstag building is set ablaze allegedly by a "crazed" young Dutch Communist in which afterwards the Nazis would claimed the fire was part of a "Communist conspiracy" to seize power in Germany and the Nazis would use the incident as their launching pad to dissolve civil liberties, ban opposition political parties, and create a dictatorship in order to "resist" a Communist takeover when evidence later pointed that the fire was really perpetrated by leaders in the Nazi Party.   September 11, 1941 - Construction on the Pentagon begins. October 25, 1944 - The first use of airplanes in suicide attacks are preformed by the Japanese "Kamikaze's". July 28, 1945 - The only previous time a plane has crashed into a U.S. skyscraper was a military plane during the night through heavy fog. 1954 - Operation Suzannah, known as the "Lavon Affair," was a covert operation by the Mossad to bomb U.S. installations in Egypt and blame Arabs for it to harm Egyptian-American relations. June 3, 1961 - In a high level meeting with Vice President Lyndon Johnson and General Lyman Lemnitzer in attendance, Attn. General Robert F. Kennedy suggests that the U.S. might have to blow up their own Consulate in the Dominican Republic to find an excuse for invading the island after they just had the CIA assassinate the country's previously US-backed President, General Rafael Trujillo. 1962 to 1970 - U.S. military secretly tests WMD's on over 5,800 soldiers, many of whom were unwitting guinea pigs. March 13, 1962 - America's top military leaders, who were staunchly right-wing, drafted "Operation Northwoods" which were secret plans to kill innocent people, commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities, hijack airplanes, plant evidence, among other things, and blame it on Cubans to create public indignation and support for a war against Cuba. May 22, 1962 - Continental Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 707, becomes the first known commercial airliner to be sabotaged when a bomb explodes onboard in mid-flight killing 45 people aboard. 1963 - The Milgram experiment was an "obedience to authority" psychological experiment (which was trying to find out if millions of accomplices in the holocaust were merely following orders) demonstrated that the majority of participants in the study were willing to inflict harm to another person in the study at the orders of the authority figure (experimenter), especially if the authority figure demeaned the participant thought to be receiving pain in front of the participant who thought they were really inflicted pain to them. November 22, 1963 - President John F. Kennedy (D) is assassinated by alleged lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald. November 22, 1963 - An hour after JFK's shooting, police arrest 24 yr. old Lee Harvey Oswald who vehemently denies shooting the President and says he's just a "patsy." November 24, 1963 - Two days after Lee Harvey Oswald's arrest, Jack Ruby (who had many friends in the Dallas police department, links to organized crime, and owed the government $45,000) shoots and kills Oswald live on national TV when an estimated 75 cops were assembled waiting for Oswald's transfer.  Ruby would later make a statement to reporters saying that the people in "very high positions" who had "so much to gain" put him in the position he was in and will "never let the true facts come out." August 4, 1964 - Based on intercepted communications, U.S. military intelligence claims there has been a second attack on the USS Maddox by Vietnamese naval ships (the "Gulf of Tonkin incident") which propels an outraged U.S. Congress to overwhelmingly pass the Tonkin Gulf Resolution three days later that enables President Lyndon Johnson to employ military force in Vietnam as he saw fit and becomes the crucial turning point in escalating the war.  However after 40 years later, analysis from the U.S.'s own intelligence agency concluded that this second attack on the Maddox never actually took place. January 3, 1967 - Jack Ruby dies of cancer in prison. June 5, 1968 - Senator Robert Kennedy, the favored Democratic candidate in the next Presidential election, is shot by 24 yr. old Palestinian immigrant Sirhan Sirhan who allegedly shoots him with a .22 cal gun, but conspiracy theories emerge when more bullet holes were counted than Sirhan's gun had bullets, the fatal bullet that hit RFK hit the back of his neck at very close range yet Sirhan shot at him from the front, Sirhan was seen whispering to a lady in a polka dotted dress who smiled right before he began shooting and then the lady in the dress was seen running away from the scene exuberantly crying, "We shot Kennedy!", no formal security people were hired to protect RFK at his event, and Sirhan's lawyer claims he was "hypnotized" and didn't even shoot RFK. March 16, 1970 - Propane Blasts Hit Trade Center; 4 Explosions Are Described as an Industrial Accident September 6-12, 1970 - Four New York-bound airliners are hijacked over western Europe by a militant Palestinian group and later three of the planes are blown up on an airfield in Jordan. 1971 - Asbestos insulating material had only been sprayed up to the 64th floor of the World Trade Center towers. June 17, 1972 - Five men, one of whom says he used to work for the CIA, are arrested trying to bug the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel. June 23, 1972 - In a recorded meeting between President Nixon and Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman in the Oval Office about the Watergate scandal, Nixon uses the expression "the whole Bay of Pigs thing" in which Haldeman years later in his 1978 book, The Ends of Power, revealed that Nixon's references to the Bay of Pigs was "code" for the Kennedy assassination. September 1972 - President Nixon forms a high-level government panel to develop plans to protect the nation against terrorist acts ranging from "dirty bombs" to airline missile attacks and the panel included such people as the first future 9/11 Commission head Henry Kissinger and future NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani who had suggested relaxing intelligence collection guidelines on this panel which would eventually happen after 9/11 with the passage of the Patriot Act. September 11, 1973 - Chilean armed forces headed by General Augusto Pinochet and allegedly backed by the U.S. CIA take control of the country in a coup d'etat against President Salvador Allende. December 12, 1973 - British spy chiefs secretly warned that the United States would be prepared to invade Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to seize their oilfields following the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. February 17, 1974 - Army Pvt. Robert Preston steals an Army helicopter from Fort Meade, MD, and flies it to the White House where he touches down briefly, then leaves back toward Fort Meade, then flies back to the White House after being chased by two Maryland State Police helicopters and lands on the grounds after being shot at by EPS officers. February 22, 1974 - Samuel Byck attempts to hijack a commercial plane and crash it into the White House in order to kill Richard Nixon. August 9, 1974 - President Nixon resigns because of the Watergate scandal, becoming the first President in U.S. history to resign from office. September 8, 1974 - President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon of any wrongdoings in the Watergate scandal. 1975 - In the movie "Three Days of the Condor", Robert Redford plays Joseph Turner (aka Condor) who works for the CIA reading books to find information of plots and scenarios to check against actual CIA Plans and Operations for leaks or new ideas. February 14, 1975 - Trade Center Hit By 6-Floor Fire; Blaze Starts on the 11th 16 Men Are Injured March 6, 1975 - The Abraham Zapruder film is first sho

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