911 Inside Job?

Now I know that a lot of people will look at the title, and dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory, like Goerge Bush being a weird lizard alien in human disguise. Please, just give me a chance, and if you don't believe me, look up the facts. The truth is, of course this blog is about a conspiracy, but one that I completely believe, and it's only one of two conspiracies I've ever believed.

There is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that not only is the attack of September 11st, 2001, a lie, but it was all a big cover-up. What was the cover-up for? Well, the Bush administration gained a lot from the terrorist strike of 2001. For one, presidential support for Bush was raised dramatically, but that's obviously not the reason that hundreds of people were killed, along with hundreds of millions of dollars being wasted. The truth is, nearly twenty billion dollars in gold went missing from the gold depositories beneath the World Trade Center, and the attack launched a war, which in itself is a very profitable industry.

As for the proof:

Almost every video of the Twin Towers shows plumes of smoke and dust all the way down the building during the fall of the towers. This can only be explained by places explosives in order to bring the buildings down. WTC 7, the third building to fall, showed a perfect cleft in its demolition, which would ensure a perfect implosion, which could only be accomplished by carefully placed, and timed, explosives. The Government denies the existence of any placed explosives in any of the three buildings.

The explanation for the buildings falling is that the burning jet fuel weakened the steel elevator shafts, which caused the buildings to fall. The elevator shafts were made of Grade-A steel, which has a melting point of over 4000 degrees Farhenheit. Jet fuel, of kerosene, has a burning temperature of 2000 degrees Farhenheit. In addition, the Twin Towers, along with WTC 7, were the first three steel-and-concrete buildings to ever fall due to "fire."

The Government identified 16 suicide bombers/accomplices, who all died in the attacks. 9 of the 16 were found alive on or after September 12th, 2001; they were alive after the bombings.

The Pentagon was hit by a plane. This is another lie. The impact shows evidence of a possble rocket or missle, but no evidence of a plane. There was no debris bigger than the size of a dog, because according to the official reports, "The intense heat of the jet fuel incinerated and vaporized the entire plane." Again, jet fuel burns at 2000 degrees, while the two 6-ton engines, made of titanium and steel, melt at about 4000 degrees, and have a a boiling point of almost 10,000 degrees. In addition, a 6-ton engine would surely leave a mark on a building that it ran into. Not only weren't there any marks on the building immediately next to the impact site of the nose of the "plane," but the windown there weren't even broken. The worst of it all is that the security cameras from nearby buildings all had their footage confiscated, against the Freedon of Information Act, which states that after an investigation is complete, the public has the right to know and see any information involved. The government has, however, released 5 frames from the footage recovered from a nearby hotel: None of these show what hit the Pentagon, simply the resulting fireball.

This is only the tip of the iceberg where evidence lies, but I will leave it up to you to research the rest. Two movies have a lot of evidence, and there are Zeitgeist, and Loose Change. Please, look up the facts, stop believing governmental lies, and realize that Bush is treating your country as though it were his own playground. Even though his term is almost up, what's to say that the next president won't follow in his footsteps... and those of his father's? You owe it to yourselves.

Uploaded 06/23/2008
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