I been watching some videos on youtube of theories of that 9/11 was an inside job. I saw the videos where they said that the plane couldn't have brought down the two towers because they were built to hold a boeing 707 at a speed of 5,554,980,000 Joules and that the plane which crashed into the WTC went at a speed of 3,512,090,340 Joules so it would have been able to not crash to the floor. I watched them say there were bombs planted and they did stills of where explosions were from below where the plane crashed into the building. What I don't understand is why would the government want that to happen if it is true it was an inside job. This is the first I have heard that it could have been an inside job and I did watch some interesting videos of this and it does make you think that maybe yes it was an inside job. But I just would like to know why you think it was an inside job if anyone knows the answer to it. I am from England so I thought Americans will know more on this than anybody. Would like to know more that's all. Why?

RIP all lost in 9/11

Uploaded 09/03/2008
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