A 4/20 special by volco. (Bro-science)

   This is actually meant to be a serious blog, Smoking marijuana is undeniably popular among everyone these days, the people who do not smoke marijuana are normally the people who get very paranoid when they smoke weed or have panic attacks. After smoking marijuana for many years I have varying experiences. I to used to suffer from panic attacks when I would smoke weed, and all the people who I was with would seem perfectly fine while I would be in my head freaking the fuck out about cops coming even though we were in a completely secure environment. I thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't really know people that smoked weed and had these panic attacks. Than I realized almost everyone really gets that paranoia from smoking weed, some people have that problem a lot more than others, and I was one of those people.
   This was all when I started smoking marijuana which was at a very young age like most people, I realised there was nothing wrong with me for being like that, It was actually the marijuana. I realised when I first started smoking weed it was nothing but the smelliest greenest most potent weed but often I didn't know exactly what I was getting. What many people don't realise is that the weed they smoke isn't natural, You would never find a marijuana plant so potent as Kush just growing in the wild. These strains actually do normally come from drug cartels, the same ones that distribute the hard drugs. These drug lords who would grow marijuana realized they actually had control over how powerful the weed they grow is, so they paid scientists to alter the genetics of the plant to make them produce more THC and less CBD. So the most powerful weed is actually not natural, that shit could never grow in the wild. the weed I specifically smoked was the strongest shit, fucking loaded with THC and not a lot of CBD. Even though I would get panic attacks smoking marijuana I would still do it because I was never a quitter. After I went through a wide variety of marijuana I realised that the specific strains that aren't completely over-filled with THC and had a good THC to CBD ratio would not give me panic attacks. The weed I started to smoke was good quality but I would always take note on the THC to CBD ration of the marijuana. I realised it was to much THC that was giving me panic attacks when I smoked marijuana so I turned to the weed with more CBD, When I would smoke this weed I would simply not get paranoid, and also my heart rate would not go crazy. I realized the CBD was the part of weed that makes you tired, relaxed, sleepy, or buzzed. The THC is responsible for actually getting you stoned, but can make you paranoid, the CBD actually would do the opposite somewhat. So I would normally stick to the strains with a good balance so I wouldnt get paranoid. I really only had the problem with paranoia until I was 16, I eventually got over it but realised certain strains would agetate my anxiety more than others. Now I always hear people bitch and complain about why they don't smoke weed, most of them all say the exact same thing, it makes them paranoid. I realised there are just people who flat out just get panic attacks from marijuana in general and no matter what they will have panic attacks. but there were also many like me who just needed to learn what week they should smoke because certain types were more likely to give them a panic attack. I also had anxiety when I was younger, and when I would smoke weed the anxiety would turn into straight up paranoia. This obviously had a lot to do with it, and I'm just saying that this issue is often not talked about that much but many people have panic attacks while stoned, and that is why they don't smoke. I realised it all came down to the plant genetics and certain strains just agitated anxiety and other strains you can smoke and feel anxiety free. It was all about the science of the plant and when I first started smoking weed I wasn't very well able to tell the difference between strains because none the less they all get you high but as a really started smoking on a daily basis I realized how much the strain matters. So to those who have panic attacks while smoking marijuana your not alone and you don't have to worry about the problem just explore different strains of marijuana, but to those who just have unstoppable panic attacks I suggest get a prescription to a benzodiazepine to stop the attacks or pick up a bottle and just settle for alcohol and accept the fact your one of those people who just can't smoke weed.

   Fucking bro-science.
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