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so i changed my avatar today. as i was looking for ideas for a new one, i watched th trailer for the new punisher movie. the first 2 movies with dolph lundgren and then thomas jane were very good. both actors portrayed what a seriously twisted dude the punisher is. maybe that dark twisted and brooding personality is what attracts people to the punisher in the first place.

hes definetely a guy we can all relate to. he has no super powers to speak of. hes just a normal guy who lost everything and decided to take vengeance into his own hands. the only weapons he wields are a fierce intelligence and some big ass guns. i think we can all identify with that. who here hasnt been wronged in some way and was then left unsatisfied with societies idea of 'justice'?  tell me you havent yourself wanted to bring foot to ass in a situation where some shithead got away smiling the whole time.

the system is bullshit, and an icon like the punisher brings the idea of hope back to the regular guys. while the idea of flying around in some skintight fairy costume fighting crime and having a cool hairdo are out of the realm of reality, kicking some cockknuckle's ass in a 711 parking lot for snatching an old ladies purse is well within reach. i think the idea of the character is a kind of take no shit attitude. if something is wrong you stand up and fight, even if youre the only one standing. maybe if more people took that approach, wed live in a little better world.

anyway, cant wait for the movie. til then, im gonna sit on my ass and play internet checkers. oooh, and gears of war 2, that game kicks ass

Uploaded 11/08/2008
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