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Before i start, if your going to comment and say fuck rap, your a wigger, or something along those lines, just leave now and dont continue reading. Actually, most of you probably wont read any of the blog, youll just read the title and make your assinide remark. So fuck you.

Ok so onto the actual blog. Ive just got a couple of complaints right now and things that are pissing me off.

First, the radio. Every fucking station, every 5 minutes, you will hear either Drakes "Best I Ever Had" or Young Moneys "Every Girl". I can not be the only one who wants Drake to put out his cd so his 5 minutes of fame could be over. He's good but hes not that great. Hes got good songs but nothing amazing. And wayne, who i was never a big fan of, needs to either stop rapping or pick up a fucking pen. His songs just arent the same as they used to be (the drought 3). It seems like hes reached the end of the road.

Next, people got to begin to accept that new york is back. I mean, new york will never be where it was when biggie and old jay z ran shit, but honestly, could it ever? Jadakiss's cd was good and im halfway through maino's cd and it is pretty fucking legit. Jay z is making a comeback and 50's got an album coming out this year that should be better then his last couple of cds. Fabolous's cd is coming out and that should also be an above average cd. New York is back.

The last topic im going to discuss is what the fuck is the deal with the south? Why do people think gucci mane is this god of the south? And Oj da juiceman? cmon these guys have 0 lyrical skills. They are not good at all and Young Jeezy the only one who used to rep for the south, is not that great anymore. His lyrics arent as good and im just not feeling it anymore. The south isnt really even known for lyrics but now these morons are getting too much radio play.

So to conclude this, this is all coming from someone who cares about lyrics first, beats second. If beats are what your into or raps about cars and jewelry are your thing, then we probably got different views. But who's to say what kind of rap is better then? It's all a matter of opinion but in mine, New York runs the rap game

Uploaded 06/30/2009
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