A Call For Justice!

My tender ego was shattered today by the ignorance and selfishness displayed by Tomlet and Tyaeda. In an obviously rigged tournament they offered up a riddle to which Tyaeda had given the answer to Tomlet in a conspiracy to debase the people of eBaums. 

At first I simply accepted Tomlet's intellectual superiority, but then reasoned the riddle was rigged. Being of higher thought, I assumed assumptions that led to my humiliating defeat. For example, life meant human life. Never did I ponder running about stomping on lower beings in order to fulfil  some sick desire to stamp out life. Would their answer include taking as many lives as you wanted if they were family pets? I think not. Instead they took "Life" to meaning a bugs life. 

I conceded defeat, realizing most life forms could be taken and destroyed without complaint. Then the answer hit me like a brick shit house. Humans can contain more than one life form. In fact most life forms do. Life at any level feeds off another life form. Women can carry a baby, thereby not fulfilling the riddles parameters. Overlay that with the fact that our bodies and all life forms are replete with viruses and  bacteria, no life is one life onto itself. It simply would not exist in a vacuum.

My answer of "A breath" is the obvious winner and I demand that the eBaum community recognize my accomplishment in solving this most important riddle. My fight is peaceful and non-violent, but I do have connections with the Underground Weathermen.  

Uploaded 03/22/2012
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