A collection of hilarious comments and dialogue from past blogs

I was sitting around earlier tonight, and I got to thinking of all the funny comments and such that I've seen on here since becoming a member. I've saved many of them just for this occasion because I thought they'd be funny to revisit. So, I figured now would be a good time to throw together a list of these hilarious comments that have been posted, blogs that have been submitted, and some dialogue from a few blogs as well. Enjoy!

I am creepingjennie, and Snorkpants and I emerged from the same vagina. –Creepingjennie

"My dad my grandfather and i went outside to stand while the ladies paid." –luispozo311

"trying to break free with all his retard strength..." –Garadain

essentially, because you see in essence the green eyes represent the precise vaginalistic interpretation of the cerebral cortex except on an infintessamal mataphysical scale. –torshamos

"how can you cheat on your PREGNANT, 1 ARM wife???" –BitchOnAStick

You know, just because you slap an ICP face on HP (Harry Potter) doesn't make you evil. It just makes you funny. –Dominus

u obviously havent done much research to form your bullshit opinion so arguing with you would be a lot like yelling at a down-syndrome puppy. –YoungTune

What the fuck are you talking about??? You didn't even read the blog did you, you shit faced, ass fucking thundercunt? –Ellimem

"Just lift the seat up and you get a bigger hole." -Kngji6tguy8

"Hope everyone except Eshel is doing alright" –bluenote67

"Invite me over. I’ll come in a shirt and tie and bib. I’ll bring you chocolates and flour. So you can bake me a cake." –dirtysanchez10

I didnt used to be this way until Barry! Now I want to do two things Kick ass and listen to Mandy. -bohankeeton

i hope James Carville punches you in the mouth. –savcam500

"...he is about as much use as Anne Franks drum kit." –lorddread

too many penis blogs. –dsgrue3

Dialogue from a blog by ENWILSON:
blackshirts18- i live in a cardboard box you jerk.
ENWILSON- You apparently live in a cardboard box with an Internet connection.

Dialogue from a blog by Adraline:
Kaustic- I have to come to your restaurant sometime, Adra. You anywhere near NC?
Adraline- Ohio.
Kaustic- Or not.

The entire blog titled, “Bear Grylls vs. Survivorman” by Garadain

See also: any blog or comment posted by dirtysanchez10, ugdork constantly arguing with himself in comments, kykye03 and all his comments left on CailenMP’s blogs, the absolute annihilation of NYCFashionisto's (even though it was a fake account- still funny) character in his blogs by many EBW blog contributors, and the bohankeeton decoder ring and subsequent comments in regards to, just to name a few.

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