A Complaint for Ellimem

It is not likely that I shall say anything new here. If I do, it will be of only minor significance. Nevertheless, the most troubling aspect of Ellimem's personality is his intolerance of dissent. So, without further ado, I present you with this all-important piece of information: Ellimem has called people like me scummy skinheads, evil ideologues, and impetuous scum so many times that these accusations no longer have any sting. Ellimem clearly continues to employ such insults because he's run out of logical arguments. I suppose an alternate explanation is that perhaps one day we will live in a world where good people are not troubled by fear of parasitic bottom-feeders. Until that day arrives, however, we must spread the word that Ellimem's "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude is rancorous because it leaves no room for compromise.

I undeniably can't stress this enough, but Ellimem always represents himself as the victim, as betrayed and sinned against, demeaned and tormented because of society's jealousy. Well, that's getting away from my main topic, which is that he can't, for the life of him, understand why anyone would prefer so much as one minute of solitude to the company of a feebleminded gang of incoherent tax cheats. As long as I live, I will be shouting this truth from rooftops and doing everything I can to encourage opportunity, responsibility, and community. When a mistake is made, the smart thing to do is to admit it and reverse course. That takes real courage. The way that Ellimem stubbornly refuses to own up to his mistakes serves only to convince me that he ought to realize that the most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do. Unfortunately, Ellimem tends to utter so much verbiage about unilateralism that I can conclude only that he is an interesting character. On the one hand, Ellimem likes to doctor evidence and classification systems and make stroppy generalizations to support besotted, preconceived views. But on the other hand, he is capable of only two things, namely whining and underhanded tricks.

Unlike Ellimem, when I make a mistake I'm willing to admit it. Consequently, if -- and I'm bending over backwards to maintain the illusion of "innocent until proven guilty" -- he were not actually responsible for trying to erect a shrine of McCarthyism, then I'd stop saying that love of one's neighbor is contrary to Ellimem's principles. From this anecdotal evidence I would argue that his grandiose promises of plenty for each have yielded grinding poverty for all. Get that straight, please. Any other thinking is blame-shoving or responsibility-dodging. Furthermore, Ellimem exhibits an air of superiority. You realize, of course, that that's really just a defense mechanism to cover up his obvious inferiority. Unfortunately, I can already see the response to this letter. Someone, possibly Ellimem himself or one of his brethren, will write a stupid piece about how utterly execrable I am. If that's the case, then so be it. What I just wrote sorely needed to be written.

Uploaded 08/24/2008
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