A Cool Philosophy Story

Firstly, sorry i've been MIA for so long, my job suddenly required that I do actual work during the day instead of blogging on Ebaums for my paycheck.  AAAAAAAANYWAY.

Heard a really cool story about a person who was taking a philosophy class in college.  The class was one of those "Are We Real" pragmatic type classes where you contemplate your existence and attempt to prove that you either do, or do not, exist.  This was the first time this person had ever taken a philosophy class, and it was a bit overwhelming.  For the entire semester, the guy just couldn't seem to grasp a majority of the concepts that the professor was trying to teach.

Finally, the professor decided to take pity on the class, who as a whole truly seemed to be struggling.  In order to take it easy on his students, the professor told the class that the final would be just one question long, and if they had paid even a little bit of attention throughout the year, they would get 100% easily.

The guy, of course, studied his ass off for like a week straight, no sleep, desperate to somehow be prepared for this test.  When the day of the test arrives, he finds out that the rest of the students had studied together but had deliberately chosen not to involve him because he was so poor at the subject matter.

The professor handed out the test, and everyone was sweating.  They were convinced this was going to be the single most difficult one-question exam they'd ever taken.  The class flipped over the test when the clock hit 1:00pm, and everyone began to write feverishly.  The professor had been true to his word, the test was only 1 question long.

The student who had studied all week read the question with some degree of confusion.  The question read "prove that the chair on my desk is not real".  The student understood when he looked up, as the professor had placed a chair from the back of the room on top of his desk.  The student gave a huge smile, wrote for less than thirty seconds, and handed in the test and left.  The rest of the kids in the class chuckled to themselves "what a fool, he probably gave up" and continued to write several pages of explanation.


One week later, as the class gathered for the final time, the professor announced that he would be handing back the final exam.  Everyone in the class seemed to be relatively dissapointed with their grades.  The profesor announced "I would like to congratulate one student on acheiving 100% on the final exam."  Everyone in the class looked around puzzled, wondering who could have answered the question in enough detail to get a 100%, and they were shocked when this one guy stood up and took a bow.


The question on the test was "Prove to me that this chair doesn't exist"

His answer:   "What chair?"



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