a Cruel, but very appropriate Social Experiment. Food Stamps, N

Another night at the Deli...  You CANNOT buy hot food with Food Stamps!

Alright, so my coworker and I conducted a cruel, but very appropriate Social Experiment involving hot food and food stamps. 

So, it was late at work and about 15 minutes 'til closing when the phone started ringing. 

I answered with the normal "Hello, Deli Department, how can I help you?" and the person (obviously ghetto-trash) wanted to order 3 sandwiches. 

At this point, it had been a very long and busy day with asshole/rude customers and I was tired of busting my ass all day and I just wanted to be able to clean up and leave. 

So I took her order and proceded to make her sandwiches.  While in the process of making her sandwiches, the phone rings again, but this time my coworker answered the phone.  All the while saying "Uh huh, ok, ok, alright."  He comes up to me while I was making the sandwiches and he told me she wanted them hot-pressed. 

Any time you order a sandwich hot-pressed, it is no longer a cold food item, but a hot food item.  Of which CANNOT be bought with food stamps!  Normally, I wouldn't care to put a regular cold food barcode on the sandwiches, but I was out to prove that she was gonna use her food stamps to buy them, so I put a HOT FOOD barcode on them to see if they would be returned to the deli because the food stamps would not be accepted. 

Sure enough, not even 10 minutes later, all 3 sandwiches were returned.  BUT, instead of leaving the store, she walks back over to the deli and reorders the sandwiches, cold.  Food Stamps are meant to purchase items that you have to prepare for yourself! 

Part of my pay goes to these lazy motherf*ckers as food stamps so they can remain lazy and continue to be a drain on the ecomony.

Uploaded 02/08/2010
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