A day at the movies

So me and What's her name decided to get some lunch and go see a

Don't ask me why but 2 full grown adults decided to inflict themselves with a matinee of Toy Story 3. I gotta tell you I was having some extreme doubts as the theater filled up. there were little kids,  big kids, tough kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks (sorry oscar meyer moment there), all over the theater and the atmosphere was rapidly changing from one of relative calm to a madhouse.

Then the movie started.

The transformation was one of the most astounding things I have ever seen, within 10 minutes of the start you could have heard a pin drop in the theater. All the smaller children were entranced by the visuals and the bigger ones ( me and What's her name included) werre caught up in a story that was amazing.

I know this is a children's movie but if you haven't had the opportunity to go see this movie please do.  The visuals are stunnning (Pixar and Disney really know how to do 3D right) and the story was engaging, suspenseful, funny and rewarding in all the right places. I laughed my ass off, and was so touched in certain parts that I had to wipe my eyes (surreptitiously).

It's been out long enough that unless you see a matinee on a saturday you should be able to get as good seat and is definitely worth the $6 - $16 you'll pay. I wouldn't normally do a movie review but this one merited it.

Eating popcorn


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