A day in the Twilight Zone

Yesterday Afternoon was pretty funny.

Me- ''Excuse me, Officer but theres a small group of men buying a hooker behind the liquor store!''

Police- ''Ho shit!'' (starts running across the street)

Me and my boyfriend- *shit eating grin*


And that wasnt the only unusually funny event of my day. When I got to work I found myself almost stepping in a chunky pile of puke right before the buildings main entrance. I still ate my lemon-cranberry muffin 5 minutes later but the guy from the book store on the 1st floor almost passed out when he saw it. He was grossed out, frustrated and extremely funny.


Then when I got to my floor the security system kept beeping. When I get in at 8:45 theres always someone there so I never have to deal with the alarm. I dont even have a pin code for it so I started getting worried that something had happened and I was totally unprepared to deal with the central wich I didnt have the number for or anything. I went to the 5th floor and asked the other receptionist for help. She had to call the central and shit and finally it was only the cleaning crew who had messed up and actived the door signal. Things is, a lot of people pass by the reception and in front of the elevator so the damn thing was going off ever 30 seconds and it started to piss people off when I finally got there at 8:45.


Then some prisonner in Kuujuuaq collect called the office 13 times in 3 hours. His lawyer told me not to accept the charges because hes mentally ill, a pain in the ass and doesnt want to talk to him about anything. At some point, instead of his name, he started yelling, so it sounded something like: You have a collect call from '' I wanna talk to my fucking lawyer now underst...'' -do you accept the charges? It started to be even more entertaining when his lawyer found out and said: that fat retarded fuck is doing 6 years for alomost killing someone and theres nothing I can do for him because hes totally mental so next time he calls, take the charges and pass him to me. Hes gonna miss his mom after im done with him.


In the afternoon another weird client showed up to see his lawyer claiming he had an appointment when in fact he really didnt. He sat there for half an hour having conversations with peole only HE can see and hear. He left after I called his lawyers cell phone 4 times with no answer even though I told him when he got there that he was in court all day.

I finished that day weirded out and a little tired but luckily, it was not snowing...

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