a different world

   I just read a blog by Dangle that got me thinking- What would the world state of Religion be like if no one had ever conceptualized God until now?
   Imagine if, for thousands of years, we lived in a number of societies that had no Theism whatsoever. No religion, no God to pray to, or to sacrifice to...
   Nobody would have used God to judge other peoples' actions by, because no one would have considered that possibility.
   Then, suddenly, in late October of 2011, someone wrote a blog (or a newspaper article, or produced a segment on tv, whatever) about the possibility of a God- an altruistic, omnipotent, and all-knowing God whose purpose was to guide us to a better place in the afterlife. Heaven would certainly be imagined at some point shortly after the introduction to this 'God". Then Hell, and soon, all the itinerant judgments of people who never would have cared before, because a lot of the behaviors they would be judging never would have EXISTED before.
   There would be, in all likelihood, a tremendous paradigm shift involving potentially billions of people in an incredibly short period of time.
   Within a year or two, the devout would begin splitting into factions that interpreted the 'news' differently. They would believe that God was speaking to them, and that they were the only ones who interpreted Gods' word correctly.
   Of course, with the recent advent of the internet, this whole phenomenon would be global almost instantly.
   Those who believed they were on the side of God would kill, or attempt to kill, all those whom they deemed to be on the WRONG side of their belief system.
   World War would ensue, started by the multiple interpretations of the same manifest, and the only common ground that all these religions factions would have, is the belief that they alone are right.
   Someone would inevitably state that the God they believed in was "More popular than the Beatles", and of course, death would ensue.
   And those who never bought into this new concept of an ever-present seeing eye in the sky would live in fear of offending the wrong person, and paying for it with their lives.
   Really, is this so far-fetched? I don't think it's terribly different from where we are now.
   Whatever God you believe (or DON'T believe) in, ask yourself this: Why? Why do you believe? Why was the God you believe in deemed worthy of written word? And finally, if the God you believe in is the right one, why doesn't everyone believe in Him?
   Red out...
Uploaded 10/29/2011
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