A dilemna of relativety and interest

Everything that comes to be uploaded into the realm of ebaumsworld is eventually checked through a moderator or administrator, no?

I know that in the blogs section the only blogs that will be featured on the main blogs page must be atleast 250 characters long, but obviously it just isn't enough to keep the douchery away.

I say there is a section withing the blogs section that is kept for every blog, but leave the front page for the stuff that is actually worth reading...It doesn't take much for someone to read blogs all day long, especially at the upload rate that they are currently in... what is it, one blog for every 20 minutes on average?

Point being, the content should not be limited to censorship, but rather interest and/or relativity of content. If some dicktickler is going to type like three fucking words in a blog, then punch the rest in capital letters, random words, and special characters just to reach 250 characters, it shouldn't be (a) worth points (for the greedy noobs on here who want nothing but a fucking ps3) and (b) featured on the main page.

yes? no? fuck you? say something about it...


I too, often have blogs or something to say that's less than the alloted amount of words, but shit, if it's good content, but still too short, it should still post!

Uploaded 08/01/2008
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